Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Multitouch Wall in making...

After the successful display of OOBi beta during Sustainability conference in Nov 2009, we decided to go BIG and create a bigger multitouch display. So we planned to build a Multitouch wall [1.6m x 0.9 m] to be displayed during Techfest 2010 at IIT Bombay. We decided to use Laser Light Plane method.

Here is how we constructed the wall:
This is the rear projection screen sandwiched among glass layers.

Screen and frame assembly.

Finally our frame & stand is ready, for laser testing.
The major hassle during the project was alignment of lasers, which eventually we got correct after lot of efforts.

And here we have the first application tested which was water ripples ...believe me it feels so good to touch on so big wall ... :P

Finally we had set up the Wall for Techfest Scintillations and got very good response from audience. (Details in the next blog.)

The whole project has been a lot of hard of hard work, trials n errors but more importantly 'Fun' .. We had gud support from lot of friends this time.. just a little vote of thanks :

Thanks a lot to

-Mr. Dharmenra for framework & immediate support at last moment

- Bonney,Kunal, Sumedh, Mehek for frame building.

-Bonney,Shant,CP, Sumedh,Ishneet for setting up the wall during Techfest exhibition (It was quite tiresome work to set up whole system at the venue and take back the items to IDC for each day of the event....Kudos to you guys!)

-Atish, Kumar for Fully Filmy and hosting the display

-Anirudha, Saurabh (NUI members) for their help & suggestions

-Abhishek for his Poster

- rest of all those who helped directly/indirectly

above all to Prof Ravi Poovaiah for his constant encouragement & support

Enjoy the next blog. Will keep you updated.

~Arun, Saurav