Wednesday, June 18, 2008

OoBI at Design Degree Show 2008

People enjoying OoBI

Me and Kumar presenting OoBI to our Director, IIT Bombay.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The first amazing and exploratory project done at IDC

DDS was nearing and being from the first batch of the only Interaction Design in India we had great responsibility of coming up with something wonderful that will give idea about what Interaction Design is to the local people of Mumbai who are not tech savvy or common people unknown to latest technologies emerging around the world, who visit our annual Design Degree Show - Degree 44.

Been called as The Hole - Diggers we had to digg more than our academic the projects which were done at IDC and make something that gives WOW!!! factors in the people while experiencing the Design. This ignited us with the thought of making a Multitouch Interface. The Projection of Multitouch was decided to be projected onto the large screen inorder that the people around can actually see what is going on and then experince it.

The Project had to have a name, after ideations and several iterations we decieded to call our multitouch interface as OoBI - Out of the Box Interaction. We called it OoBI because of ability to involve people who are interacting and who are around, with the screen outside the box which actually manipulates the projected screen.

We would like to thank NUI with the help of whom we could build our Multitouch Interface. We came up with this poster to have of branding to our Prototype.