Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Demo reel for OoBI applications !..

Demo reel of OoBI applications from arun yashwant on Vimeo.

OoBI displayed during HCI-iDiD 2010 conference !

After the overwhelming response during Techfest 2010, we displayed the OoBi during HCI-India- IDID conference ( at IIT Bombay.

And here too , we had a really good time and got very encouraging response from the conference participants... Here are some snaps of the participants engaged with OoBi ..

Specially the foreign audience found the Fully filmy very interesting as they knew a bit about Bollywood (mostly through Slumdog millionaire i guess :P) and had lot of fun playing with it...

Some were not willing to leave the place :)

While some repeatedly visited, hoping we will add more contents....

Amongst the other interesting projects showcased during the conference, was the " Interactive tangible learning medium for non lettered" done by Ruchika Mittal (M.Des Interaction design, IDC 2008-10). Idea was to use the tangible objects(letter forms) on a common platform, which would act as triggers to audio-visual outputs that describe the letter form and combination of letter forms .

Another interesting project was the RFID tag based display done by Interaction design students batch 2008-10. Idea was each participant's info was coded in their ID' cards and when they came nearer to this display, the info was displayed along with their interests. People with common interests were matched and linked visually, as shown in the image.