Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fully Filmy!!

Hi folks...
Last blog we talked about the new app 'Fully Filmy' and here are the details:

'Fully filmy' is a multitouch based application designed & devloped by OOBi team. The app is essentially a fun way to browse the information about your favourite Bollywood stars.

The main screen shows two scroll wheels one each for actors and actresses who form the spokes of the wheels.
(Currently the spokes are static in terms of numbers, but we are planning to make mode dynamic...)

The idea is, as you move, rotate the scroll wheels and form a pair of actor & actress by matching them together, you will get links to the movies they have done together (right now just one link per pair is available).

As you click on the links, detailed information about that movie is displayed in form of images(wallpapers, posters), songs & videos (trailers) and users can browse it using multi touch gestures like zoom,pan, rotate etc.

Here is the video of our early prototypes shown during Techfest 2010.
Video of Fully Filmy

Fully Filmy.... from arun yashwant on Vimeo

Areas of improvement:
  • Currently the app supports fixed & limited content, which further we are planning to make more dynamic , as in everytime you match a pair you will get new information .
  • Also we content wise we'll go beyond images & movies and try to provide small subapps relevant to each pair.
  • Support more than 2 users and make it a large scale app that can be displayed over MT wall

So shall updated you more on this ..
Stay tuned and enjoy

~ Team OOBi