Tuesday, February 23, 2010

OOBI rocks Techfest 2010 !

So folks now its the showtime....The multitouch wall has been built and tested and put up for display during Techfest 2010 under 'Scintillations' exhibitions
We also had put our previous table 'OOBi Beta' alongwith the wall under the umbrella of 'OOBi - IDC , IIT Bombay'.

Here is the photo journey of the event. Enjoy :)

The Scintillations venue (SAC,IIT Bombay)

Our OOBI-IDC stall....

MT Wall:
The MT Wall pulling the crowd...
We played open source applications like Ripples and Smoke.....

Watch the video

OOBI Multitouch Wall from arun yashwant on Vimeo.

Fully Filmy:
Kumar and Atish has come up with a an interesting application called 'Fully Filmy' with which you can browse information of your favorite bollywood actor & actress. (http://oobi-idc.blogspot.com/2010/02/fully-filmy.html)

OOBi- beta loaded with Fully Filmy

Audience engaged with 'Fully Filmy' :)

Some of the fun moments were when people fought amongst themselves over which actor/actress to choose & it was indeed difficult to control the crowd (as the app was designed to be used by two persons at a time).... though Kareena seemed to be a hot favourite :P

The OOBi makers :)

Our boys having fun ...Yagnesh & Shaant trying to generate 'minority report' like effects :P

We also had a oppurtunity to meet Vivian from UK (also a member of NUI community) who displayed his 'Mezatop' during the exhibition.

So all in all, amongst the many hiccups like crowd overflow, heavy ambient light, camera & laser damage etc; we managed to pull off a good show and got a very positive & encouraging response from the crowd. And we hope to continue our momentum.. and very much like you all to be part of it..

Enjoy and be posted.

~ Team OOBi
(Dnt forget to watch OOBi- Fully Filmy in our next blog)


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