Wednesday, November 18, 2009

OOBI at Sustainibility conference !!

Folks ,
finally the table is ready and we had put it up during the sustainibility conference held at IDC , IIT Bombay

And we got a really nice response from the audience .
They all enjoyed using the apps and were creatively engaged while playing with them.

1. So this is where we displayed the table

2. Who wants to play first [Kumar/ Biju]

3. Here is the video of the various application we used.

OOBi -multitouch applications from arun yashwant on Vimeo.

4. We tried a new multitouch based game 'Trash O Bin' in line with the theme of conference.
The idea was to educate people about importance of seggregating material into recyclable and non- recyclable sothat they can be re-used /expended effectively.

Goal of the game is to sort the waste mateial [Food items, Glass, Plastics, Paper] into correct bins and score points for correct sorting. In case of wrong sorting you will lose the points.

Here is the initial screenshot of the game.

And the video.

Trash O Bin- multitouch game from arun yashwant on Vimeo.

Concept :Arun  Development:: Kumar, Graphics: Sojan
The game is under refinement and once fully ready we' ll post another video.

5.This was the logo exploration we tried out for OOBI also indicating the finger & the touch, however still needs refinement.

Again thanks a lot to all the people who made our maiden attempt successful, especially Ravi Sir :)

Special Thanks to:
Bhooshan & Krishna for getting the material

Staff:Samarth for the table

Friends: Atish, Ishneet, Anirudha, Sharath,Sumedh, Sheru, Krishna....

~ Stay Tuned